About Melody

About Melody


“Through this life journey, I have immersed myself in practices for transforming trauma, empowering creative expression, communicating compassionately and living connected to our true divine nature. I have a degree in Intercultural Psychology and Expressive Arts from Naropa University, am a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer through the International Center for Nonviolent Communication, and am a Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. I have training in Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Attachment based Couples Work, Dynamic Governance, therapeutic voicework and Life Purpose Coaching.  An integral part of my inner transformation has emerged through experience in indigenous ceremonies and wisdom teachings.

I have collaborated in developing various innovative non-profit programs for youth including a residential home for teen girls, a restorative justice program, girls self-empowerment groups and have worked as a Counsellor doing Domestic Violence Awareness Groups in schools.  I have held a private counseling practice for women, youth and couples. As a Nonviolent Communication Trainer I have facilitated trainings in schools with parents, teachers and children (primary age through high school), in Intentional Communities, in various Non-profit Organizations and led numerous open community courses and workshops.

Artistically, painting and dancing have been second nature to me since early childhood.  I have held group and individual sessions facilitating authentic creative expression through painting and voice exploration. My paintings have been exhibited  in the US and Canada, I have performed with a dance theater troupe in theaters and festivals and have acted as artistic director of events.

My current work with people has become a beautiful synergistic weaving of all the different areas of study I have passionately explored and the learning and growth that emerged.  This allows me a diverse range of access points to meet people where they are and serve as a catalyst for them to live their inspirations and realize their vision for life.”

1. that which initiates or accelerates significant change or action, 2. an agent that causes change between two or more persons or forces while maintaining its initial nature.


I envision a world where we are living from the consciousness of unconditional love and our interconnectedness with all life. Centered in the heart we act with compassionate reverence in relationship and contribute our gifts to a thriving, sustainable community as a whole.


Being a catalyst for compassionate insight, inner peace, and creative empowerment; supporting people to re-member the whole of who they are, embody their soul, express their heart’s deepest inspirations, contribute their gifts and be in harmonious partnerships with others.


1. Sharing the practices and principles of Nonviolent Communication and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with individuals, couples and groups internationally.
2. Holding a loving space for people, integrating somatic awareness, empathic resonance, listening to and seeing into the depths of people’s experience, and reflecting their heart’s essence/ their soul.
3. Supporting creative self-expression through movement, art and voice exploration.