Communication and Collaboration Workshops & Facilitation

Communication and Collaboration Workshops & Facilitation

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Compassionate Communication Workshop

The Compassionate Communication (NVC) process gives groups practical tools for cultivating compassionate, thriving relationships in working together. This involves three areas of focus: 1. Expression~ expressing authentically with compassion & self-responsibility, 2. Empathy~ listening with empathy, even amidst conflict or when hearing judgment, and 3. Self-Awareness~ giving oneself compassion. The process is based on four parts: making Observations (neutral witness), identifying Feelings (presence with emotions in the body), connecting with Needs (the heart of what is important), and making Requests (actions to enrich and serve life).

This gives us an effective map for transforming the common pitfalls of: 1. speaking from blame, defensiveness, anger, or resentment, 2. taking what others say personally, or trying to change them, or 3. judging oneself harshly, shutting down in fear, or denying one’s own needs. Participants have opportunities to practice the process with current issues from their group context.

The Compassionate Communication process offers an effective and powerful pathway for transforming habitual mental/emotional reactions into conscious, compassionate responses in any relationship. Using simple steps we cultivate a quality of heartfelt connection, with empathy for the heart of what matters most to one another. The intention of NVC is to cultivate ways of relating that inspire compassionate giving from the heart towards everyone’s needs being met harmoniously.


Community Collaboration Workshop

Participants learn effective principles and practices to integrate a collaboration paradigm into any group. Equip yourself to transform common communication pitfalls into opportunities for strengthening relationships and mobilizing your collective creative power to realize your mission together. Come away with tools for thriving in harmony in the process of collaboration. Related to the cycles of co-creation, we address 7 Keys areas of Collaboration: Vision, Communication, Choice, Organization, Contribution, Learning and Harmony. Based on the empathic intelligence of the heart we explore 4 facets of harmony: harmony within, in partnership, in community, and with our environment/nature.

This workshop is based on Compassionate Communication and draws from Dynamic Governance, Gift Economy, Contributionism, Non-dual Self Inquiry, and the Life Cycles of Nature.


Approach to Learning:

These workshops emphasize experiential and interactive practice, relevant to participant’s lives and group context. Activities include: spoken and visual presentations (including role-plays and anecdotal stories), self-inquiry, body awareness, movement, heart meditations, and relating games in partners and as a group. Participants will also receive handouts of practices for transforming daily life challenges.

Who are these workshops for?

These workshops are offered as:

  • In House Trainings: For your Organization, Business, Intentional Community, School, Church, Youth Group, Grassroots Project, or Staff Retreat

  • Hosted Workshops (with open registration): Hosted by someone at a community center/hall. For individuals who will bring their learning to the groups they are part of.

Formats and Rates:

  • Two hour Overview
    In-House Workshops: Non-Profit: $200, Business: $400, Corporate: $800
    Hosted Workshop: $400-800

  • One day Workshop: 9-12, and 1-4pm
    In-House Workshops: Non-Profit: $800, Business: $1200, Corporate: $2400
    Hosted Workshop: $1600

  • Three Day Immersion: 6 hr days
    In-House Workshops: Non-Profit: $1800, Business: $3600, Corporate: $7200
    Hosted Workshop: $4800

  • Four Day Facilitator’s Training (in Communication & Collaboration)
    In-House Workshops: Non-Profit: $2000, Business: $4000, Corporate: $8000
    Hosted Workshop: $4000-8000

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I facilitate groups at various stages of the creative process with myriad issues of focus. Whether initiating a new vision, facing a “midlife” crisis, celebrating a success, marking a major transition or completing a project together, I bring effective tools and inspiration to the process of joining your gifts in collaboration to realize your shared mission.

Areas of Focus: Visioning, Decision Making, Relationship Building, Completion/Closure of a project, and Celebrations

Mediating interpersonal dynamics, building trust and compassionate relationships, and resolving conflict

Special Events
For Festivals, Artistic Events, Staff Celebrations, Family or Community Gatherings

For Birth, Union, Youth Rites of Passage, Separations, Death, and Milestone Events

Staff Retreats
For organizations, businesses, creative projects, social change groups, communities, or youth programs that would like to strengthen relationships, team solidarity and collective creative capacity as a group.

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I answer any questions you have about my approach, and hear from you about the intentions for your group event, and we explore the suitability of my facilitation for your groups needs.

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I meet with you or a few key reps. of your group, either in person, by phone or through skype. We consider the focus that will best serve your group, how to effectively address any group dynamics, and how to achieve your group’s intentions. I then work with you to develop the flow and structure for your meeting or event in ways that will successfully meet the needs of the group.

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