Couples Counseling and Retreats

Couples Counseling and Retreats

Feel the nourishment of mutual loving support

Are you ready for the healing and fulfillment
that your heart desires in your partnership?

Transform painful reactive cycles, and grow together in mutually nourishing partnership that fuels your hearts and supports
you both to live your inspirations in life.

As a couple I support you to:

ILLUMINATE with compassion the reactions and habits that disconnect you

TRANSFORM conflicts into healing & growth, cultivating deeper heart connection

CO-CREATE your life from a loving bond of mutual trust and support

ENJOY the heartfelt nourishment of a reciprocal flow of loving care between you

Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

Following are some common issues we can address together:

Being unheard and unsupported
Withdrawal and shutting down
Explosions of anger or resentment
Stuck in reactive cycles
Rupture of trust
Co-parenting conflicts
Loss of inspiration to be together
Absence of heartfelt intimacy
Tension from unresolved issues
Misaligned visions or values
Financial fears
Sexual dissatisfaction
Neediness and distancing
Childhood trauma overshadowing you
Blame, judgment, & defensiveness


Come to embrace your challenges as opportunities
for growth and deeper intimacy!


What do sessions look like?

You will learn effective practices
for mutual support and attunement

I offer clear reflection, inviting questions and intuitive guidance.
My practices and approach offer a roadmap for:

getting to the heart of what matters to one another,
clearing what blocks the flow of love between you,
and freeing your creative energy to live the life you desire together!


Tailored to your current intentions, we can explore practices for:

Clarify the shared vision for the relationship you desire

Repair the heart connection when there has been a rupture of trust, acknowledging the impact your actions have had on one another

Calm and support each other when charged emotions and fears arise

Invite one another to share the fears and tender feelings beneath habits of defense, attack or withdrawal

Agree on how to ask for a “pause” when emotions and reactions are rising, so that you can return to connection (vs. reaction)

Listen with empathy, reading one another’s body language & voice tones so you can effectively respond to one another

Make decisions together that meet both of your needs

Speak authentically and transparently from the heart

Understand your personal reactive cycle and how to pull out of it
(ie. habits of defense, judgment, blame, shame etc. )

Offer touch to one another as a way to offer reassurance and deepen connection

Recognize early life experiences that are relevant to healing your current dynamics

Speak openly about giving and receiving sexual pleasure

Attune with what matters to one another and lovingly respond to one another needs

See clearly the thinking and beliefs that are influencing the interpretations of your partner, and release the stories that separate and lead to conflict

Bring awareness to the sensory experience in your body as a means for deeper insight about what contracts and what opens you

See the roots of unresolved issues with compassion, learning what best cares for your connection

Give compassionate feedback that supports growth (vs. blame and shame)

Appreciate regularly the ways that you contribute to one another

Encourage each other to express your gifts in the world

Create a loving container for consciously conceiving and raising your children (when desired) AND/OR creating projects and a life together

Being present with one another in a way that fosters nourishing intimacy
and soul connection

couples coaching and retreats

Build a partnership wherein you both feel
seen, heard, appreciated, and supported!


The above practices support us to:

Relate with yourself and your partner with compassionate acceptance, meeting one another with openhearted presence

See the true beauty and gifts within one another, even amidst challenging times

Balance full self-responsibility for your inner experience with care for your partner’s inner experience

Give to one another from the heart (vs. obligation),
AND receive love from your partner, letting it fuel you

See clearly the thoughts and emotions related to suffering and choose what to create together

In partnership we thrive, in love we trust ♥


My Sacred Couple Manifesto

I am committed to partnership being a haven
of deep mutual honoring, wherein…

We give from the heart, growing a reciprocal flow of love between us, as a wellspring of mutual nourishment. This reservoir of love is a fueling resource to draw on when facing the challenges in life.

We walk together as true allies on the path of awakening and inner freedom. United as a team, in deep attunement with one another, we encourage one another to be express our gifts in the world.

Through sharing our inner world transparently, we inspire one another’s authenticity. We love ourselves as we love our partner. Feeling held in compassionate support, we relax into trusting that all of who we are is loved. Together we illuminate the shadow aspects of our experiences, healing the imprints that have blocked the flow of love.

Our bodies feel vibrantly luscious from giving and receiving sensuous pleasure. Our hearts are radiant with the aliveness of being loved, supported and deeply cared for. We feel the joy of having our acts of love received as nourishment by one another. We harness the creation energy between us to create our dreams.


MUTUALISM: acting as one, we honor and care for one another as we do ourselves in a natural flow of openhearted giving and receiving.

The Fields of Study Integral to My Approach

Compassionate Communication
(aka Nonviolent Communication/NVC)

NVC is a communication process, founded by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D, which fosters compassionate giving towards everyone’s needs being valued and met harmoniously. NVC gives us a practical and effective map for transforming habitual reactions (judging thought, speech, and action) into conscious responses that create heartfelt connection. Read more about NVC.

My Related Experience: I am a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication ( I have taught NVC workshops in Schools, Organizations, and Communities for over 10 years.

“Attachment” Counseling

This approach to working with couples is based on Attachment Theory. It looks at how the imprints in our brain from childhood experiences, influence our habitual reactions in adult intimate relationships. Learning to be attuned and lovingly responsive to one another’s needs, we can heal those residual imprints and have the conscious relationship we desire.

I have training in “Pre and Perinatal Psychology” (Ray Castellino’s work with Myrna Martin). I have assisted Adult Attachment based Couples Retreats with John Grey, and studied the work of Stan Tatkin and Sue Johnson.

Somatic Trauma Release

This is a practice of bringing awareness into the body and releasing unresolved experiences held in the body systems that are creating limitation in our way of relating. Listening to the wisdom in the body, we discover what allows fuller expression of inner peace and expanded wellbeing. Introducing an alternate response to triggering responses, we can rewire our neuro-pathways.

I am a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and have studied Somatic Experiencing (the work of Peter Levine), Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Movement Therapies, and Continuum (the work of Emily Conrad).

Other Influences to My Approach

I also have training/experience with “The Work” of Byron Katie, Non-Dualism (Adyashanti, Umani), Expressive Arts Therapy, Tantric Sexuality, Contact Improvisation, Heartmath, Emotion Code, Access Consciousness, Vipassana Meditation, Indigenous wisdom teachings, and Ecopsycholgy.

If you would like to read more about my background, you can read more here

Why I am inspired to do this work

I love to see couples move through the places they feel painfully stuck and return to the beauty of their love together. I delight in witnessing them “meet” each other in a newfound way that allows them to soak in mutual nourishment. It is a gift for me to share tools that encourage a renewed inspiration about moving forward together, and caring for one another as a team.

I believe that bringing healing between women and men by creating mutually honoring relationships, is essential to the shift in consciousness towards true harmony in this world. I am passionate about seeing children be raised within harmonious partnerships, so they learn of this life through being nurtured in a relational container of trust, love and support.

Formats and Rates

I am committed to the work we do together being integrated into your life in a way that strengthens your relationship for lasting love. Therefore I find it most effective when there is ample time to attend to the different aspects that are present within each of you in your current dynamics. For this reason I enjoy doing 3 day retreats and the shortest sessions I do with couples are 2 hrs.

Initial Session 3 hrs, following sessions 2hrs

In Person or by Video Conferencing.
Initial Session: $240 (lower), $300 (middle), or $360 (upper)
Following Sessions: $160, $200, or $240
Session Package: $1000 for 4 Sessions

Sessions give us space for each of you to have focused support for what is going on for you in the relationship. It is highly recommended to have at least 4 sessions, so as to be able to effectively address dynamics and integrate practices for lasting change.



1.5 hr/week. In person or by teleclass. $400 Per Couple

The Couples Course gives you support on a weekly basis, which can help you more fully integrate transformative practices into your daily life to make the lasting changes that you desire. Courses are run either stand alone or as a follow up course for those who have done Sessions, a Personal Retreat or Group Retreat with me.



9am-12 and 1:30-4:30 Each day. $2000.
Additional retreat days: $700

Personal Retreats give you undivided focus tailored to your current needs.  These retreats give us the space needed for you to be supported to move through the multifaceted dynamics within your unresolved issues and learn practices that are foundational for success in integrating change in your life together.

On occasion I will travel to where a couple lives to offer a private retreat. In this case, you would also cover my travel and accommodation expenses.


Residential immersion with a group of couples. $1200 Per Couple

Group Retreats offer you the experience of a deeply supportive context with other couples that are also committed to loving mutuality in their relationship. In addition to having ample time to have coaching in your relationship dynamic, this format also provides rich learning from other couple’s experiences.


It is important to me that those who are called to work with me are able to. If finances are a concern for you, I am open to dialoging with you to arrange an exchange agreement that feels good for both of us.

Would you like to talk with me?

I would be happy to have a 20 min conversation with you

  • Ask me any questions you have

  • Share your intentions for counseling

  • Explore if it is a good match for us to work together

To schedule an initial conversation:

Call me at 250-551-8144 or send me a message.
I look forward to hearing from you!



May you thrive in harmony together as a couple!!!